Fertile Crescent Productions is a US based production community founded by seasoned industry professionals and artists dedicated to promoting unique and talented artists worldwide.

Our focus is solely on these artists and their work, in an effort to promote THE MUSIC (not the industry).

Fertile Crescent Productions are distributed to audiences and record stores globally.


​If you'd like to send us a demo or promotional material,

please follow the instructions listed below:

Demo & Promo Submission Policy:

     We listen to every submission that comes to us. It will take some time for us to review your promo, as we review hundreds of audio tracks per day. Please be patient -  WE WILL CONTACT YOU IF WE LIKE YOUR SUBMISSION; It can take several weeks.


We accept initial submissions via contact page:

  • Send only ONE item! We accept permalinks to tracks & audio players or EPK's ONLY!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO SOCIAL LINKS! Social media presentations will not gain our interest.

  • DO NOT send contact submissions/requests such as reminders or follow-ups. We will contact you.

Once we have directly contacted you, here is the process to follow:


​Please send 2 or 3 MP3's, along with a band photo & band bio.

Make sure that :

  • The individual files are no bigger than 10MB (items will likely be rejected by the server).

  • You send only ONE email. Multiple emails will not shorten our response time.

  • Your bio is short and portrays your musical style well. We don't need a detailed history, so please keep it brief.


  • DO NOT SUBMIT additional contact requests. This is a good way to push our interest away from your artwork.

  • DO NOT SEND SOCIAL LINKS such as facebook, myspace, or youtube (unless video is a pro-shot promotion or EPK). They will not be streamed, nor downloaded.

  • DO NOT ZIP, RAR or ARCHIVES attachments.

  • DO NOT EXPECT AN IMMEDIATE REPLY. We will contact you in due time.

Thank you for following these guidelines - doing so will ensure your promotional material is taken into serious consideration.

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